WIFI HOTSPOT What is WiFi Hotspot?

WIFI HOTSPOT What is WiFi Hotspot?

WIFI HOTSPOT – What is WiFi Hotspot?

WIFI HOTSPOT is a collection of one or more access points.

and a connected router that allows communication between multiple computers in a specific area via the radio.

When you need to connect to the Internet in the network of users without any special settings with the user and password.

and you can manage the users,

This is where can be managed as the hotel and public places you want to manage on users.

but there is no need for the person to go to the settings.

HotSpot has access and guidance to WiFi.

Internet users can access the laptop, phone, or any other device that has wifi or Internet access.

Of the hundreds of fifty million laptops, the 14 billion WiFi devices sold in the past few years have made WiFi available.

For paths that may be bandwidth, we only need to buy an IP and connect it to the gateway gateway to provide wireless services.

Hotspots are usually used in restaurants, train stations, airports, libraries, cafes, bookstores, pumping gases, large stores, supermarkets and other public places.

Many universities and wireless network schools.

Free HotSpot acts in two ways:

Using the public network is the easiest way to create a free hotspot.

Just a WiFi router is required. The problem is that access to the router can not be controlled.

Packet public networks use HotSpot management to control.

This software either runs on the router itself or uses a computer external to it.

With this software, operators can only give some users access to the Internet and give free access to a menu or a purchase link.

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  1. Hi! I love EBSS interface, is easy to use, but i’d like it has the way to create users with PIN code to make easiest login.


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