cloud radius How management user Network User?

cloud radius How management user Network User?

with ebss cloud raduis ,You can management your Network

cloud radius Authenticate, Authorize and Accounting (AAA) network users with our completely cloud solution.
eBSS compatible with RADIUS supported NAS(routers) specially optimized for Mikrotik and Cisco routers.

  • Hotspot Management with captive portal.
  • SMS based Authentication for Hotspot users.
  • No static or valid IP address needed for routers to connect to the eBSS cloud RADIUS.
  • Simple user manager control panel.
  • Suitable for offices, organizations and public WiFi providers.


What is eBSS cloud radius?

eBSS is an online Radius server and network user management system that you can easily create user, manage it and get reports.

It is not necessary to have static or valid IP address and even it doesn’t need to have a local server! The only thing that you need is Mikrotikor a Cisco router. That’s all!




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