What is eBSS?

eBSS (eRam Business Support System)  is a network users management system that provides cloud services without needing to be installed on a local server.


Uses of eBSS

This system is useful for the ones that have an Internet connection in their home/work place without any policies and control on using that. In this case eBSS would be an appropriate and an reasonable solution. For example, if you are the manager of a company, you can create Internet accounts for your employees with different limitations. This action will help to prevent illegal use of traffic volume and bandwidth and you can optimize your Internet usage no matter how you are connected to the network, with Cable (LAN Cable) or Wireless access (WiFi). Another use of eBSS can be in public places such as restaurants, dorm rooms, libraries and any other places that you want to share your Internet connection with customers or people. In this case you can even get some information from customers before they can connect to the Internet such as mobile number, name, address and other desired information. The scenario is that the person who wants to connect to the Internet will be asked for his mobile number cause the verification code will be sent to the entered number. After receiving the verification code the person can simply connect to the network and start using the Internet (with the preset limitations) by entering the code in the popped-up page on smart mobile phone. After all you can manage the online users, get report from the mobile numbers and even send your desired messages to the collected numbers. You can see more facilities about eBSS in the table below.


General Features

Public places internet management system
Getting user's cellphone number and sending the verification code
Time limitation for accounts
Traffic limitation for accounts
Personalize user login page
Getting additional information from user before connecting to the network
Reporting user connection logs
Send sms to user(s)
Manage registered users
Reporting online users
Reporting connection error logs
+ Whatever you need!
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