• Is it neccessary to have local server in order to use eBSS?

    No, eBSS is a cloud (Online) accounting and RADIUS server that doesn't need any local server.

  • How long does it take to setup eBSS?

    After you choose a plan, your panel will be created and ready to use as soon as you paid the invoice.

  • Which routers does eBSS support?

    eBSS uses RADIUS standard protocol to manage and control your network. So, all devices that are supporting RADIUS can be used for eBSS. We recommend to use Mikrotik or Cisco routers because of their popularity.

  • How to setup eBSS?

    After your panel created, you have to define a RADIUS server in your router according to the eBSS help and training documentation and RADIUS server information in your panel.

  • I'm not an expert in configuring my router. Is there any other way to setup eBSS?

    Yes, eBSS has an easy Auto-Config windows application that you just have to run it and enter your router's login credential and choose your intended interface to be configured. Or you can follow help and configuration guide that is available in your control panel.

  • Which services can be defiend in the panel for users?

    You can create different services in your panel with different limitations and parameters such as bandwidth, speed, traffic and etc.

  • How many routers (NAS) can be managed with eBSS

    You can setup eBSS on all of your routers and manage your entire network with just a single control panel.