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1 Create User

Create user to connect to the Internet either by mobile number verification or with username/password

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2 Set Limitations

Set policies and limitations such as bandwidth, traffic volume, time and etc

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3 Connect to the Internet

Connect to the Internet via personal Hotspot page, PPPoE, PPTP and VPN

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4 Get Reports

Get reports, view statistics and logs

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What is eBSS?

eBSS is an online Radius server and network user management system that you can easily create user, manage it and get reports. It is not necessary to have static or valid IP address and even it doesn't need to have a local server! The only thing that you need is Mikrotik or a Cisco router. That's all!

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Why eBSS?

ebss cloud It's online Radius service and no local server is needed!
ebss cloud Reducing Internet costs
ebss cloud High security to use Internet
ebss cloud Simple to setup
ebss cloud Suitable for both small and large businesses
ebss cloud 24x7 Support
ebss cloud Free consultation for buying and setting up
ebss cloud Easy Mikrotik hotspot management

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Connection methods

eBSS can provide users, different types of Internet connection.You can connect to network by using PPPoE connection, VPN Connection, Hotspot with captive portal and all with the username and password that admin has created earlier.
A new method to connect to the network is mobile verification using SMS. User enters mobile number in the Mikrotik hotspot page and will receive a text message including a 4-digit pass code instantly. After entering the code in the Mikrotik Hotspot login page, user will connect to the Internet with the pre set policies and limitations.

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1 month Free!

2 max online users


Plan 1

10 max online users


Plan 3

100 max online users


Plan 5

500 max online users


User Manager

easily create, modify and manage users with several policies and limitations with Cloud Radius.

SMS verification

using built-in SMS service or integrate with custom SMS providers as new Mikrotik hotspot authentication method.

Web Service

ability to integrate with your current system using cloud Radius API.

Manage your network users easily

with eBSS online Radius no local server and static Internet IP address needed!

ebss cloud

Get Reports

get useful reports with several filters and save as an excel file.


personalize your Mikrotik hotspot login page including background, title,logo and authentication methods.


24x7 ticket support.